MCB Lite Visa Debit Card Review: Works Globally

In Pakistan there is problem with VISA debit or credit card that they do not work on most global channels like Google etc. Many banks in the past have tried to solve this issue like UBL WIZ Visa Prepaid Debit Card which was one the good efforts but as a matter of fact it also did not work. 

Recently announced by MCB, Prepaid Lite Visa Debit Card, is a card that works on almost all global channels. It is verified by many users around Pakistan that where other card does not work, it works. Either you have to make an online payment or you have to pay your utility bills, you can your use MCB Lite card. It works without any hassle.


Some of the best things about MCB lite are
  • Global Acceptance
    Works on all global channel
  • Smartphone App
    to help you on the go
  • Bank independent
    Does not require any bank account to get
  • Unlimited Usage
    You can use it as many times as you want and as much as you want.
  • Hassle free online shopping
    Secured shopping to let you shop anything.
  • Paying Utility Bills
    Pay your bills from home
  • Exclusive discounts
    Let you get some special discounts on many outlets.
  • Pay anyone
    You can make payments to
    MCB Lite
    MCB bank account
    Other bank account holder through IBFT
    Any valid CNIC holder (coming soon)
  • Mobile top ups
    Reload your mobile phone with lite card or pay your mobile bills
  • Donations
    Make donations to any charity services
  • 24 Hours Working Helpline
    Yes you can call MCB at anytime of day or night to get support even out of Pakistan
  • Free Funds Transfer
    Make a transfer of your funds from account free of cost.
With lots of others benefits MCB have left behind any other bank in its competition but some cons are still attached.


Some cons that i find are

  • Limited Availability
    MCB Lite is not available at every branch of MCB bank. However they are available almost at every city.
  • Annual cost
    UBL WIZ card does not have any annual charges while it have RS 1000 annual charges which is i think should not be. 
  • Deposit limit
    You can deposit a maximum of 200K daily. This is sometimes not good on high limit account as you may have more then that too.
  • POS limit.
    You can use a maximum of 100K per day. Some of my friends are not happy with that and they say that this limit should be 300K per day.
  • 3rd party charges
    Yes there are many of them.

 Charges Details:

Following is the detail of charges for MCB Lite Visa Debit Card

  • International ATM Usage: 2.5% or transaction or minimum 250 Rs
  • Local ATM Usage (Non MCB) – MNet: 10 Rs
  • Local ATM Usage (Non MCB) – Link 1: 15 Rs
  • Balance Inquiry: 5 Rs – Link 1
  • Balance Inquiry: 4 Rs – MNet
  • Balance Inquiry: 50 Rs – International
  • Voucher Retrieval Fee: 250 (Local), 800 (International)
  • Inter-bank Transfer Charges: 20 Rs
  • Arbitration Charges: $500

Get MCB Lite Card:

Its as easy as ordering a pizza or doing an online purchase. Just visit Registration Page, fill details there and your card will be delivered to you at your home. After that register yourself at Online Banking
Then visit MCB branch with a deposit of 2000 Rs and you will get your working. After that you can use the card anywhere.

Android Apps:

Yes MCB lite also have launched its official android app named with MCB Lite Mobile Wallet on play store. This app is helpful as you can stay connected with your account on your own android phone. You can avail discounts, check balance, transfer funds, make payments and top up your sim via this app. 

Your Words:

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Can i buy play console to publish my app with mcb lite card or ubl wiz card, it’s demanding credit or debit card number,
In your thought which one is best from both of them, suggest me plz

Aijaz Nawaz

Sir Asalam aikum sir mere pas lite card uskme pese kese load karwao


Bhai Maine is card ko order kerne ke Gujranwala Sattlite Branch ko 350 diye Hain or 13 din guzar gye Hain abhi card Ghar pe nhi aaya

Ali Raza

MCB LITE KABHI MAT LENA…. Kia services hai tum logon ki yr….. Had hoti hai……. You guyz even don’t about how to deal with customers. How rude…….. Every mcb branch i visit every one said : lite is not available here lite is not available here…… And when i call at your helpline no one is there to pick it up…… This is how you guys deal with your customers. I visit pakarab Society branch in lahore i visit qainchi branch in lahore i visit 2 more branches and still no answer. Even some of your staff don’t know what is lite account….. Woww……. I was thinking about to open an account also in mcb but after watching this…… Lite service ye hai tum logon ki to account kia khaak kam ka hoga


facebook not accept my mcb lite card for advertising. Please enter valid debit or credit card No.
help me