Logitech collaborates with Apple to launch wireless charger for iPhone X


Logitech has just launched its wireless charger for iPhone, the Powered one. Since iOS 11.2, iPhone 8 and iPhone X users can use the fast wireless charging at 7.5 W. There are however few compatible wireless chargers.

The Belkin charger, which was tested by the experts, RAVPower charger as well as two new chargers of Anker. It’s now the turn of another well-known manufacturer Logitech, to offer its own fast wireless charging solution for the latest iPhone.

This charger offers a unique design compared to other wireless chargers. It has a location with raised edges, where the user comes to slide the iPhone between the two borders. This makes it possible to prevent it from slipping out of the support, following vibrations.

After trial, the foreign media The Verge said that the entire pad is made of durable plastic that keeps the phone fast, even if the device is vibrating, it will not cause accidental sliding.

It supports the “fast” wireless charging at 7.5 W, and all iPhone equipped with this mode of loading. Logitech claims that this charger was designed “in collaboration with Apple”, so we imagine that fast charging at 7.5 W should work well.

In addition, its bracket angle is very friendly, not only horizontal/vertical placement, but also easy to use Face ID face to unlock when charging. It is also possible to charge the iPhone in landscape mode, for example to watch a video or movie on Netflix. The charger is offered in white color, and it comes with an AC adapter and a charging cable.

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The charger is available on the  Logitech website at a relatively high price of $ 79.99. We have cheaper models providing fast charging at 7.5 W, like the Anker PowerWave model. Or if this charging pad doesn’t come into your eyes, maybe you can only buy more of Apple’s official AirPower wireless charging pad.

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