Xiaomi Autofull gaming chair is the new Crowdfunding product in the Market

Xiaomi Autofull

It seems like Xiaomi is taking the gaming industry too seriously if we look at the past few months, the company has successfully launched the Mi gaming laptop, a couple of gaming mouse, gaming pads, and smartphones. Now, the company has announced Xiaomi Autofull gaming chair which is the latest product on its crowdfunding platform to complete the gaming package.

Xiaomi Autofull is an e-sports chair which is specifically designed to provide comfort to all those people who used to spent several hours sitting in front of the screen. The Chair seems pretty much comfortable with an attractive design as it has a steel frame, polymer foam, and is covered with third-generation PU leather. The chair has a two-tone design with matching wheels and is currently available in three colors combinations which are Blue and black, Yellow and black, Grey and black.

It has a stylish design that shares a minor resemblance with the seats present in a car thanks to the wide flaps and tall design. Xiaomi Autofull gaming chair is 124cm, 48cm wide at the back and 55cm wide in front, according to gizmochina.

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Besides, it features a neck pillow, a waist pillow to prevent back and head from hurting which can be caused by spending several hours in the same position. It has an adjustable back that can be set at four different positions or angles of 90°, 100°, 120°, and 155°. Autofull gaming chair also comes with adjustable armrests which can be lifted up to 41cm.

The product first has been introduced on the Xiaomi crowdfunding website Youpin and priced around RMB 999 (approximately Rs 10,200). As for now, it is only available in the Chinese market but it is expected to hit other European and Asian market soon because of its attractive design.

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