Jazz initiate bus tour in promotion of Super 4G services


Jazz has started super 4G bus tour across nationwide in promotion of their enormous 4G services. For this purpose four Jazz buses begun their two months lengthy journey from public locations and universities in directions of north, south and central areas of nation.

A launching ceremony was held at company’s headquarter in the presence of  Aamir Ibrahim, CEO Jazz. The idea behind this activity is to create awareness among users and non users that how 4G technology has become a need of everyone’s life. Secondly we live in a digital era where communication at mass level is considered necessary.

Jazz intensiveness is to provide super fast 4G experience. 2018 is a new digital year with new innovations in technology and how this network is immersed in digital agenda where network speed and acknowledgment in individuals is paramount.

“Folks at the moment anticipate a super-fast, dependable web connection which compliments their on-the-go, social life-style. It Tremendous 4G provides precisely that and thru our experiential bus tour, we want to guarantee folks understand that their digital life-style is about to alter,” – Kazim Mujtaba, Head of Advertising.

To experience the amazing Jazz 4G connection all the four buses offer Virtual games and photo booth that totally operates on this. So in this way people can know how fast is super 4G network.

Each bus has a set of virtual game puzzle and the person who solves this puzzle within two minutes receive prize. Another game was a cricket game played through VR headsets.

Jazz Super 4G is available on 4G SIMs, Wi-Fi device and 4G wingle, all of these are available at Jazz outlets and franchises nationwide. It is also offering affordable monthly data packages of 15GB, 36GB, and 75GB.

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