Telenor Refer a Friend Service Gives 30 Minutes Free

Telenor talkshawk introduced a new service where upon referring a service to your friend will let you win 30 on-net minutes free using Refer a Friend service.

Offer Details:

With this new offer if you refer any service of Telenor to your friend and your friend activates this service upon your refer then you will get 
  • 30 telenor to telenor minutes
This minutes are free and this service does not cost anything to referrer. Its free.

How it works:

Process is very simple.
  • Write “MENU” in SMS and send it 6008
    Dial *345*8006#
  • Reply incoming SMS with
    – service number
    – your friend’s number
    – your name
    e.g: 1<space>034XXXXXXXX<space>Ali
  • Your friend will receive SMS about service for confirmation
  • Your friend gives confirmation and activates the service
  • You will given 30 free minutes upon his/her service activation

How to Confirm Minutes:

To confirm whether you have received free minutes or not, dial *222#

Terms and Conditions:

Following are the terms and conditions
  • Free minutes are valid for 1 day only
  • Maximum number of referrals per day is limited to 5 only
  • You cannot refer any service to yourself
  • If you exceed more than 5 referrals per day then you will be blocked from this service as you reach 10 for a week
  • Maximum 5 referrals include any friend

Blocking and Unblocking:

If someone unknown or known disturbs you by sending requests again and again then you can block him
  • You can block someone from sending requests. For this type Block<space>034XXXXXXXX and send it to 6008
  • You can also unlock any number by typing Unblock<space>034XXXXXXXX and send it to 6008
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