Mercedes Unveils Self Driving Car at CES 2015

Last month Google unveiled its own self driving prototype car now the German automaker, Mercedes Benz, unveiled its first self driving luxury car named F015. This electric concept car can drives itself allowing passenger to enjoy ride or can be driven by a driver too.

This capsule like car is 17 feet in length and 5 feet in height. Windshield of this car is long and nearly covers the roof of car with one single glass pane. Inside the car is totally different from ordinary cars.
From inside it has four seats of which front 2 seats are rotatable and instead of meter etc its has high definition touch screens inside it, at front dashboard and at the side doors. These screens shows outside world of car while these screen can be used for different purpose with gesture control, motion control and eye movements.
Interior look of Mercedes Benz Self Driving Car F015
Self driving cars that are technology assisted are in their early stage of development and not only Google but there are several other car manufacturer like Mercedes, Nissan, General Motors, Tesla and other are also working on these projects to make self driving cars.
By 2020 car manufacturers expects to make these car available running on roads. Lots of experiments are being carried out on different version of these car by every company so as to check the issues encountered and to solve them make these car better for future use.
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