POF Eye: Hi-tech Weapon Made in Pakistan

Ideas Pakistan – Arms for Peace Exhibition (held at Expo center Karachi from 1 december 2014 to 4 december 2014) is an honor as it shows the evolution of Defence Industry over the years in Pakistan.

With the development in technology, our defence industries are able to make those high tech military weapons which were previously been imported or not made in-house.
This year’s exhibition includes very high tech weapons and other defence stuff but the most popular in product in the whole exhibition was POF Eye.

It is a hand-held special purpose weapon similar in concept to cornershot. It has high resolution camera, flash light, laser beam, standard 9mm semi-automatic pistol and other variations also have sub-machine and grenade launcher.

This weapon’s video camera which directly shows video to user and also at the same time to command office within a range. It front portion can be rotated to allow fire from side of wall in certain circumstances.
Its 9mm semi-automatic gun used for corner shots allowing safety for Soldiers in special circumstances. While watching through camera in side screen Soldiers can hit the target accurately without confronting to terrorists.This Gem is designed and manufactured in Pakistan by Ordnance Factory with 3 variations.

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