Warid 4G LTE Package Leaked Ahead Of Launch

You may find lot of version of Warid 4G LTE packages on internet. These packages were mostly uploaded on forums and other websites which do not have a confirmed source and usually are self established.After having Warid Trials Launch News, we today are going to break the news about Warid 4G Internet Packages. Warid 4G packages are similar to Zong 4G packages but have less GB’s then Zong.

Let’s see what a Warid guy have shared with us.

Warid 4G LTE Packages:

Following are the package details
  • Daily: 2GB for Rs 80
  • Weekly: 750MB for Rs 150
  • Monthly
    – 300MB for Rs 100
    – 5 GB for Rs 500- 8 GB for Rs 800
    – 12 GB for Rs 1200
All GB’s are download limits. These packages are for prepaid customers. While there is no confirmation about hybrid packages but there could possibly be some package within them too.
Not to forget these are not official and we may see changes in these packages when they will be official. Yet we did not receive any confirmed packages for postpaid but we will upload as they reach
Zong seems to have taken lead in its 4G packages by Warid. But if we compare speeds with GB’s for Warid 4G then we think that 8 GB is very small for 15-25 Mbps speed.Warid may launch its further 4G packages in future with more GB’s but if we take current packages as official version then they are very less for a 4G customer to enjoy blazing internet speeds.

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