PTCL 1Mbps & 2Mbps Economy Broadband Package

PTCL announced new economy broadband packages for those customers who have limited usage. With 1 Mbps economy package you will get 10GB monthly downloads at the cost of only Rs 499. 1Mbps speed will be given with this package. 

PTCL 1Mbps & 2Mbps Economy Broadband Package

With 2 Mbps economy broadband package you will also get 10GB monthly download limit but the cost will be Rs 750. Here you will be given 2Mbps speed with the package. 

These package suits those customers who have monthly limited usage below 10GB. Additionally you can also subscribe free local calls named with Freedom Package at the expense of Rs 250 / month.

How to subscribe?

To subscribe this package you will have to Call 1236 and ask to change your package to 1 Mbps or 2 Mbps Economy Broadband Package. 
Terms and Conditions:
Following are terms & conditions
  • You will be given 10GB download limit.
  • Conversion or downgrade charges of Rs 1500 will be charged to customers who are currently on other packages.
  • New customers are charged Rs 1500 for installation.
  • Additional usage will cost 100/GB
  • After 20GB usage of these packages will give you unlimited download.
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