Heartbleed Bug: Why Password Change Recommended?

Heard about the word Heartbleed? Worried about your privacy and information? Panic about what to do? Of course Yes! 
So let us tell you the solution. Before we go further let us tell some basic information.

An overview:

Heartbleed Bug arise due to error or serious vulnerability in OpenSSL security seals of website that protects users information. This lead to loss of information even when a website is protected by SSL layer. Hackers can have access to confidential data due to this error.

Read full detail: Heartbleed Bug in Detail

Why password change is recommended?

There are two stances here
  1. Website in which your account exists is affected by the heartbleed and you know about it – They have not sent you any email regarding this matter
    – Change Password is not recommended because they may not have solved the error leading to hacker know about your new password too.
  2. You have been informed by email that website have been affected and error have been sorted out
    – Immediately change your password to protect your personal information from been given out

What to do after password change?

Now you may feel easy after the password change but now you should do some more step to make your account more secure
  • Change the information of your account like remove any credit or debit card attached to it – Why?
    Because it may be possible that hacker could have already accessed it.
    if it is necessary to use it then you should do following things below
  • Use two step verification procedure to make your account more secure
  • Attach mobile phone number to your account to make it more secure
  • Use a second email address as recovery email in order to protect your account
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