Internet Download Manager IDM for Android Devices

Internet download manager commonly called as IDM is among the most favourite download manager for pc. It is widely used over internet and has gained real high customer. 

IDM have improved its software version by version and it supports almost every browser and is capable of downloading audio, video, compressed file, programs and nearly all kind of documents and other files.
Due to light in size and high quality performance it is widely used across internet over above 1 million user and lots of free user. Its high use have lead this software to be awarded with several awards by famous websites.   

Recently i have been searching for download manager for my smartphone because of slow downloader, when i came across Internet Download Manager IDM (actual name= Internet Downloader Magic – Hidden). 
After download the actual website of internet download manager IDM is opened and i thought that IDM have officially launched its mobile version. To check the details i went to setting of my phone where i came to know its original name.
Despite of that fakeness in name i still considered it (which i usually uninstall upon such case) and give it a try. I download a song from internet which was automatically picked by IDM and to my amazement, it was downloaded at very high speed. 
So to test further i started downloading more and more files including documents and other files like video files and compressed files. I download 3-4 files simultaneously and i find this software good for android but there are some flaws that are opened in that testing.
Despite of everything i would recommended it to my fellows and today i am sharing it with you. I find this software worth better than others and i hope so that you will find it helpful.
Download this IDM: Here
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